The day when I time traveled in a Delhi Metro

As i got on to the metro in the evening after a rather long day in the office, expecting the similar humdrum of the metro, the  tired corporate warriors, the back broken bankers, the unhappy business men and women and the frolicking college students, the last thing I expected was to be transported to the 1950`s. Yes I had time traveled, well not physically but mentally.

Dressed in a green sari, little gold watch, diamond earrings and a gold chain was this little old lady, she was my ride back in time.


I do not know how it started or when, but when I got in the metro she was already talking about how the kids today have no etiquettes and no respect for the elders, the kids standing there must have been rude or disrespectful to her or the girl must have denied her a seat. Once the kids were off she began with her expressive and captivating monologue.

She said and I quote ” the kids of today have no respect, they plug their ears with headphones and are always lost in their world. The only reason this world is going to the dogs is because of these girls. I am dead against this equality of women, pair ka joota pair pe hi sahi lagta hai, sir pe thori(the shoe of the foot looks good in the shoe. If you put it  on your head and you will look stupid). Sir pe rakhogeto bolo be ki chit lag gal(if you keep the shoe on your head you will say you got hurt). I am learned and educated but you don’t see me sassing around. Listen( to the man sitting next to her) never make a girl sit next to you, she will start brushing against you and will get you in trouble. Never help a woman,even if I fall down don’t help me. The found in prisons are not criminals, some are innocent people like you who have been framed. I tell you again girls are nothing but trouble. A house cannot run on a woman’s salary. Her salary goes in her basin and cosmetics, she wants to travel only by cars. If everything goes in this how will she run the house. A woman can’t survive alone in this world, physically, emotionally or economically.”


By now she had collected a captivated audience of you men of all ages. There is a strange empty circle of men in front of her enthralled, amazed and amused by her words. She looked like a shaman giving a sermon to her congruence.

I could not get myself to agree with her or be on the same page or era as she was,  yet i decided to keep quite. A lot of you may disagree with my decision to keep quite, to them i say there is always a right time to do and say things and this was not it.

Listening to her all i could do was let my imagination run and take me back in time, where i could men say the same things, where women expressing themselves or trying to break barriers were deemed as characterless and shunned by the society.

All i can say is that I am happy to be born and living now, where the women in my life, my mother, my aunts, my sisters, my friends and all the women around the world are free to express themselves.


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