The rotting truth

In my travels in the past year or two I have seen this deep rot that is growing within the consciousness of men. And this rot has transcended to heinous crimes against women and a general disrespect towards them. 


One can see the effects of this rot in our daily life. The recent incidents in the country has left the world wondering what exactly is in the minds of the Indian men ? 

They have stooped down to the level where even 6 year olds are not safe in the very institutes that are designed to educate them. I wonder what kind of values or morals would these people teach their next generation or what shame do the parents, friends and family feel when they hear their loved ones committing these heinous crimes. 

I can’t begin to imagine the pain and suffering that the families of the victims and the victims themselves feel. 

As a professional who deals with students of all ages and takes them to unknown places, away from the protective realm of the parents, I know understand the trust that the parents, the schools and the students themselves place on me. The risk and the responsibilities in my field of work have increased and will continue to increase until the rot itself is removed from with in the people. 

The is is not just confined to the civilians but has crept into the forces. As an Army Brat I have seen the respect and the chivalry of the old army officers and the soldiers from up close. It disheartens me to see this rot seep into the new recruits. 

I hope the people understand and realize that women are not objects for them to exploit, but some thing much more  beautiful and sacred. They bear the gift and power to give life and I am sure to take one when needed. 


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