Town that lost its peace

Mango tree lined road used to lead to a peaceful, quite, serene town of Dehradun. Once known as the town for the retired and the old, had its own rustic and old English meets Indian mix charm. I have been travelling to Dehradun since 1996 by road train and bus. I have seen the town change and loose its charm.

Once the road lined with mongo grooves and eucalyptus trees has given way to townships, factories, institutes, and housing societies. The pleasant journey where you could roll down the windows and feel the fresh air in your hair and fill your lungs with the cool and clean country side air, now cannot be crossed with out the windows rolled up and the ac switched on to prevent the dust and the smoke to fill you up. A city where even in summers one had to were a light pullover in the evenings , where a fan sufficed on the hottest of the day, is now unbearable during the day and evenings and a fan does not even help with the evaporating the sweat and air conditioners have become a necessity. Where the roads saw only the traditional shared thuk-thuks , a few cars and two wheelers, now has traffic jams plaguing the whole town.

The modernization has consumed this quaint little town and stolen its original charm and its rustic feel.


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