EXPERIMENT BMC-226 REPORT : Evolution of Dropping (EOD)

A strange and intriguing evolution in a group behaviour was noted at a 28 day experiment (code name BMC 226) at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering , in the small secret hill town of Uttarkashi, India.


The strange phenomenon or development shall be referred to as the Evolution Of Dropping (EOD).  The EOD is the process and development of bonds and comforts between boys/men during the most personal and sacred activities of a human being , occurring every day and is the time when is the most vulnerable or exposed.  We here are talking about the process that takes place every day at least once in some cases more than once. The timing may differ from person to person.

The process involves the organs to process, ferment, squeeze, compact and extract the food that is consumed during  the day in a completely different form.


P1020723    P1020992

During the 28 days of experiment the subjects were put through a series of test, both physical and mental. The testing started with a total of 75 subjects and at the end of the course only 65 remained. Unfortunately 10 had to be withdrawn or withdraw due to technical difficulties or vital systems failure. At the beginning of the test 6 subjects were confined in an 8 by 10 feet room with a shared test area. At the beginning the subjects being apperceive of the others test area usage and to prevent conflict of test timings or confrontation, one takes lead and suggested a time split division to the usage of the test area. The idea was well received and was followed to the letter by all the members. Similar modules were suggested and followed in all the different test areas. The usage of test area of one by another test group member in case of emergency was well received by the all the test subjects.

This process of testing was carried for one and a half weeks to get the subjects familiarized and comfortable with the process. Once it was seen that the subjects were performing great in the environment the testing environment was changes and so was the technique.

Now for the next the 2 weeks  the test environment was transformed to an open environment, privacy and sanctity of the walls on the area were withdrawn, the use of substance chemical name H2O was replaced by processed wood, the testing equipment usage was revoked and an extra equipment was introduced and its use was shown.

Since the environment was now open nature and to successfully complete the test a precision hole had to be drilled in a tactfully selected area where the test subject is protected from the environmental and geographical elements, safe from the prying eyes of the rest of the subjects and refrain from disturbing the tests conducted in the same area by others.

During the test being conducted in simulation it was noted that the subjects would try and refrain from confrontation and seeing the others conducting the test. They would look for a camouflage and hidden spot to take the test. As the days progressed , familiarization’s increased  and the comfort levels increased, test buddies were formed.

What started as a problem or an inconvenience due to the close proximity of other testers he group dynamics changed so much that the problem of one tester to reach the testing grounds was taken up by all and support systems were implemented.

The distances between testing subjects got reduced to 1 feet and the silent tests turned into full blown conversations.

This was one of the few test results of the experiment: BMC 226 conducted, 16th March – 12th April, 2013.




{Due to the sensitive nature of the experiment and the experiments conducted, certain words have been changed/replaced.}

{ In case of research, please replace “testing” with “shitting”, and you have just wasted 3 minutes reading about shitting.}


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